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  • Sweety Pie Quick View
    • Sweety Pie Quick View
    • Sweety Pie
    • 1,805.00
    • 500 Gms Dry Fruits with 500 Gms Kaju Katli Delicious affair to remember! That’s what you have staged with this fabulous combo of 500 gm Kaju katli with 500 gm of your favorite dry fruits. This nutritious pack will surely be relished and loved by the one recovering from illness.
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  • Happy Moments Quick View
    • Happy Moments Quick View
    • Happy Moments
    • 1,775.00
    • 1 Kg. Assorted Dry Fruits ( Almonds, Pistachios. Raisins, Cashews and Walnuts ) with Bouquet of 24 Mixed Colour Roses Delicious dry fruits have formed a deadly combination with floral arrangements to let the recipient perceive your concern over his/her illness. Just like this pack, containing 1kg dry fruit and bouquet of 24 mixed roses.
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  • Gorgeous Smile Quick View
    • Gorgeous Smile Quick View
    • Gorgeous Smile
    • 1,669.00
    • 10 Fresh Orchids in Vase with 500grms Assorted Sweets This bunch of bright orange orchids reflects colorfulness of life. For implied reasons, it motivates the ailing person to regain lost confidence. And this pack of 500 gm delicious sweets perfectly complements the package!
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Category: Valentine Specials

Valentine specials

The purest language that a heart can laid bare is of love! Let hearts connect, sparks fly while you get the answer to your eternal query that ‘she loves you’ with her drooping, coy eyes making silence to be louder as she receives that lovely bouquet of roses! Oh, that million-dollar smile on her face? – Valentines roses have a special charm that entices you. You surely do not want to miss that, and we do not want it to happen, either! That’s why we are here making it very simple for you to buy gifts online this V-Day, keeping the wide array of options stacked in our inventory.

Celebrate love in its purest form this V-Day with the lavish array of gifts that you find here ranging from flowers, cakes, balloons, soft toys, appealing combos and much more. Is it the passionate red roses with that enchanting smell that draws her more to you or that cuddly teddy bear that she loves to hug more than you? Or is it her fetish to munch chocolates to her heart’s content which makes you to pamper her sweet tooth? The suave and handsome male brigade is also not far behind when it comes to getting spoilt with gifts that their girlfriends shower them with! We help you so that you do not get baffled with the numerous Valentine’s Day gift ideas flooding your mind.  

Our appealing combo gifts be it colorful balloons, soft toys, refreshing flowers or a combo of flamboyant red rose and chocolate box, you will be pampered with options, while trying to pick Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her . Just feel that syrupy romance in the air and surprise your love, stealing that sunshine smile! When you rob hearts, it’s worth it and Flowezncakez will be your silent partner in this sweet mischief!