Flowerz n Cakez

For Same day delivery orders are accepted till 4:00 PM


1.      How do we handle customer’s information?

     All customer’s information / data is highly confidential, we store all the contact details stores in our secured merchant’s server database. Hard copies are also stored safely for our record purpose.

2.      Purpose of storing contact information?

      The reason for storing customer’s information

(a)    Communicating Channel: Customer’s information such as email id and phone no. is used as a communication channel. The order confirmation and delivery status will be send through the customer’s email id.

(b)   Service and product update: Regular update of new product and different service will be sent through the customer and recipient’s email id.

(c)    Festival and Other Promotional offer: Sender and recipient will receive all festival and other promotional details in their email id.

(d)    Market Analysis: Customer’s Choice of flowers/gifts, senders & recipient’s country etc can be used for market analysis such as market demand, business expansion. The information and result are solely used for internal purpose and we will keep it confidential.

3.      Whether we store Credit Card Information or not?

 We do not store any credit card information. The card details while purchasing are store in payment gateway, which are much secured.