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Plunge into mirth and joy this Rath Yatra with love and contentment

Mainly celebrated in Orissa, the Chariot festival or Rath Yatra has garnered a lot of limelight and is being widely followed in all over India, especially among the Bengalis. The belief of Lord Jagannath setting out on vacation with his elder brother Balabhadra and younger sister Subhadra from his temple in Puri to their garden place around the countryside, has become a reason to observe the day with offerings, pujas, family gatherings, foods, and what not! Attracting millions of pilgrims from all over India to Puri, Orissa, you can see the similar kind of crowd standing with anticipation at every nook and corner of Bengal too. The busy streets witness the little ones pulling the cute chariots they have made, and this enough proves how this festival has united Bengal and Orissa .



Are you completely clueless about how to spend this auspicious day with some fun and boisterousness? Here are some ideas we have covered exclusively for you.


Foods, foods and more foods!

You can be highly simple with the celebrations by inviting people at your home and having a small get together , treating your taste buds with lip smacking dishes! How fun it is to help your mom at the kitchen to cook some of the traditional Bengali and Oriya dishes? Be it the Dahi Vada, or the Dhokar Daalna, pulao, and a lot more! But then , is any meal complete without serving deserts? Ditch the hassle of preparing them, rather buy it from somewhere. The fuss of the sweet shops, with long queues and waiting scenes? Forget all these, as the leading online stores now offer the best quality and traditional sweets, be it the gulab jamuns, malpuas, motichoor laddoo, kaju katli rasgoolla and many more? Get them delivered at your doorstep, fresh and mouth watering!



Lavish home decorations

Every festival demands decking up the place you live in, and hence, go for a small home renovation for Rath Yatra too! Before guests come in, deck up the home with flowers, garlands and place bouquets in the corner or flower vases to brighten up the mood of the interior. You do not have to stand waiting at the queue of the flower shops, rather with just one or two clicks , you can get the flowers delivered at your doorstep in no time! Forget the hassle of going to the store, and concentrate on decorating your home!


Something heart-warming and selfless

In the busy humdrums of life, we often forget doing some of the duties as human beings , what about fulfilling one of them this Rath Yatra? You will be the happiest at the end of the day , if you can celebrated this festival with the ones who are devoid of the basic happiness which they deserve! Send off some flowers , chocolates , sweets and cakes to the old age homes and orphanages through the online shops, and go in person to spend some time with them too! The smiles you see on them will be the best part of your celebrations, we bet!



Send gifts, send love

If you have closed ones staying far away, fret not as you can send them the desired gifts through the leading e-stores. Be it simple flowers, eateries, or something related to home and living or fashion, the online stores can help you to spread smiles across each and every border! Thus, this Rarth Yatra, do not indulge into the same routine, rather enjoy with colorful celebrations and happiness!

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